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If you are thinking to renovate your customer service within short time, we are here to help you.
See the steps how we make it happen for you.

1. Interview and Analysis

We will sit beside you and learn about your customer service. Then we will start working on doing analysis of where we can help with bot. It will be definitely fun for you. Why'not asking us now.

2. Build

After drawing conversation flow of your common customer query, we will start building the best bot for you. It is not one time doing, we will keep going until you find the best way with bot for your customer service.

3. Test and Run

Test it. It is only imagination if you don't test the bot with user. Getting user feedback before relase and look for the window where we can improve the bot until your end users are happy. If everything is fine, just go run.

Automate your service with bots

Making more your customer service responsive and engaged

Customers expect lightning-fast responses from businesses on Facebook. Chatbots can help you deliver the right answer the moment a customer asks.

Deliver Personalized Content Experiences

Helping your customers with relevant content, it provides a ton of value and it nurtures relationships with your customers.

Answer Common Customer Service Questions

You just have to teach the bot to get escape from busying of answering same questions again and agan and improve customer development.

Our Bots

Maximize your market potential and get your customer closer to you

Showtime (JCGV bot)

After working for 3670 hours, we create the bot and showtime cinema box office management platform which enables you to book seat and buy seat in realtime fashion. It is one special thing we did invest in research and devlopment to deliver the best experience of buying cinema ticket online. Don't be hassel. No wait and no queue at all. No wait and no queue at all.

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It would be more exicted if bot is more useful for your daily life and travel. Imaging how much easy for you if a bot makes you so much easy to buy bus ticket online with best user experience. We did make that happened in this year. We are start working with 10 bus operators to deliver out-of-box soluton for you and bus operators. Please see the different and give us feedback.

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More coming soon

There is always something we planned ahead in our product pipeline to build the services around you and your daily life. For us it is working beyond making things happened because it is much driven by deep rooted passion on the technology development. So we will keep learning new things for innovation and bringing digital services close to you. We are quite exciting for upcoming products.


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