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Getting into the commercial market to empower the local businesses by leveraging the latest technology.

Yammbots has been started with few people in 2017 with the vision of empowering local businesses by delivering the best quality software or solution with most innovative way. Before founding Yammobots, the founder, Dr. Yar Zar has learned a lot through working in Koe Koe Tech Co.,Ltd as a co-founder, CTO for seven years in terms of understanding market, identifying opportunities and adopting the best business practices with leveraging the latest technology, best practices and human-centered design. He brought those know-hows and lesson learned in the field of solution development and he looks forward to bringing the digital services to consumer market faster collaborating with local business players.

JCGV chatbot, the first ever built succesful chatbot

Yammobots started the devleopment showtime chatbot, currently branded as ‘JCGV Chatbot’ and introduced it in cosumer market in 2017 as the first Myanmar successful chatbot.

Pushing our limits even we are a small startup.

‘Focusing on technology development and empowering local businesses with local talents’ is the key driver for the company. In order to promote inclusive growth of local businesses, Yammobots provides end-to-end platform and service in multiple industries for connecting and sharing the market inside its own ecosystem.

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