Bot enables people to buy cinema ticket easily.

JCGV bot was launched at late 2017 as the first chatbot built in Myanmar market. Not only for the first built, but we have also have built the whole cinema management solution and keep working on improving every aspect of the solution to make it reliable and scalable to increasing demand of customers.

Now closed to a million subscribers are trying JCGV chatbot to buy the ticket online and we have also released the android and iOS app for JCGV ticketing service.

Bot makes patients less waiting.

Caremebot has been built around early 2018 and keeps improving on product quality, reliability and innovation to ensure that it enables the patients for booking busy doctors sitting at private hospitals easily with significantly reducing the waiting time and communitcation the patient with latest booking information continuously in the chatbot.

It saves not only the pains of patients for long waiting in hospital, but also helps the hospitals for reducing the workload of patient service counter by reducing making phone calls to every patients. It will be launched in near future and we believe it will definitly be impactful and contribute valuably to community.

Bot will help you build your library

We love books. Reading books always make positives in community. That’s why Yammobots builds the chatbot called ‘Inyabookstore chatbot’ for helping people to find and get a book easily online. Now we are keep collecting the book inventory and keep building the platform for everyone can join easily.

If you and your friends who are interesting to join for building the biggest online bookstore, please contact us and we are very happy to work with you

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Bot makes you easy for finding and selling car

Today, it is not always easy to find a car online and in the market. We build the whole platform for selling your car, buying a car with many different options in single place called ‘mycar’. Find with ‘mycar’ in your messenger and take a look today.

It includes chatbot, app and web so that you can find a car at all online channels and we are keep pushing hard our team to provide better services out there.

Unleashing new innovations in passion

Our team is founded with ground of highly passionate, young people who are crazy technology and innovation. Therefore we won’t stop there.

Reach out today and learn more about us